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Looking back on how I grew up, while other kids were playing games, I was always more interested in reading historical stories and watching old TV shows. When other classmates were focused on school, I had immersed myself in the world of story writing. As a girl born in a traditional family, chasing dreams in the entertainment industry is also a bold move. Perhaps it is because I do not always choose the typical path, whether it be life or passion. While some dazzling and widely loved masterpieces inspire most filmmakers, I'm more drawn to smaller, lower-budget indie films. Low-budget productions had broadened my vision and whispered to me that projecting my ideas on a screen is only a step away. 


I like to use different art mediums to tell stories. My mind is overly active, and my imagination never seems to sleep. I always remember how I used to curl up under the quilt, lit by the magical world in the silent night. I also can't forget to wipe the sweat from my forehead while staring at the monitor on a rolling set. I love exploring the relationship between people and nature, conflicts between human beings, and the emotions swirling within people. All of these inspire me and impact my design process. 


My diverse interests, experiences, and education give me the confidence to take on a wide array of projects and perform various roles. I hope that my work will find its way to you one day and impress you.

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